SES 2012: Top 5 Reasons for Attending the Software Experts Summit

The third edition of the annual Software Experts Summit is upon us. The non-profit event organized by the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Software will take placeon June 26, 2012. This year the venue is the British Computer Society’s London Office in the UK. Here are top reasons for attending SES’ 2012:

#5 Compact Format with Broad Appeal – Are you looking for a break from your daily business routine to ponder about the bigger picture, but have little time? SES is the perfect occasion. It’s a one-day annual event jam-packed with information that will allow you to focus on strategic issues, unstick your stuck thinking, and broaden your perspective. SES has a broad, multi-level appeal. If you consider yourself to be the kind of reflective practitioner who likes to be on the leading edge, you’ll find valuable insights to take away regardless of your role.

#4 Networking – SES’s intimate structure always provides ample opportunities for networking. Come meet your peers, mingle with the local software community, get to know the editors and staff of a great publication, share your trials and tribulations, brainstorm, ask questions, give advice, get advice, and learn from each other and from experts.  Companies that will be represented at the summit include Groupon, TomTom, Shell, Microsoft, Vector Consulting, Intecs, Oakwook Consulting, and Groupon. Registration is limited, and all sessions are plenary, so you stay with your peers and the speakers all day long.

#3 The Topics – This year’s summit focuses on tackling software development under uncertainty. You’ll discover insights that address software industry’s many burning questions from the trenches and in the context of real-life stories. What does it take to keep Microsoft’s behemoth search engine alive? How do agile thinking and agile software development practices help manage uncertainty? What’s technical debt and why is it important to manage it? What are the dark secrets of software defects that fuel software uncertainty?  What are some great lessons learned from revamping the the IT systems of the Greek Ministry of Finance? Plus, a panel moderated by the editors of IEEE Software’s popular Impact column, Les Hatton and Michiel van Genuchten, will explore the impact of software in other industries with guest panelists from Microsoft, Shell and TomTom. How much more topical can the program get?

#2 The Experts – One of the best reasons to attend the summit is, well… access to the top experts in the field. This year the summit will feature two superb keynote speakers: Mike Andrews from Microsoft and Michael Feathers from Groupon. Additionally, you’ll hear talks from famous IEEE Software personalities: Diomidis Spinellis (Athens University of  Technology), Less Hatton (Oakwood Computing Associates), Christof Ebert (Vector Consulting Services),  and John Favaro (Intecs).

#1 Superb Value  – But the top reason to attend the summit is the full-day program featuring great topics and speakers for an incredibly low early-bird registration fee of £100! Lunch and networking/coffee breaks are included. Plus you get free online issue of IEEE Software. Unbeatable!

So with 5 such good reasons, you can’t afford to miss SES’ 2012. Register now, and join the experts in London. Early-bird registration ends on June 8.

For program and registration visit the SES ‘2012 page here, or download the flyer: SES2012Flyer.

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