IEEE Software Board Meeting

[ July 18, 2013 to July 19, 2013. July 18, 2013 to July 19, 2013. ]

Microsoft, Redmond, WA


SES 2013: Software Experts Summit speakers have been announced…

This year’s Software Experts Summit, to be held at Microsoft, Redmond, WA, will feature a new set of great speakers, sharing their insights on harnessing data for smart decision making. They include:

James Whittaker, Microsoft
Paul Zikopoulos, IBM
Wolfram Schulte, Microsoft Research
Jeromy Carriere, Google
John Howie, Cloud Security Alliance
Ayse Bener, Ryerson University
Forrest Shull, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering

Top […]

Software Experts Summit

[ June 26, 2012; ]

British Computer Society, London, UK

Software Experts Summit

sponsored by IEEE Software

IEEE Software Board Meeting

[ May 15, 2011 to May 16, 2011. ]

Mountain View, California
IEEE Software Board Meeting

Software Experts Summit 2011

[ May 17, 2011; ] Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

Organized by Computer Society and IEEE Software

IEEE Software Board Meeting, Munich, Germany

[ June 6, 2010 to June 8, 2010. ]  


June 6: Social Day

June 7-8: Board Meeting

Architecture Meets Agility

In June 2009, the Software Architecture Challenges in the 21st Century Workshop sponsored by IEEE Software, University of Southern California, and University of California Irvine attracted quite a bit of interest. Pekka Abrahamsson, Philippe Kruchten, and Grady Booch all addressed the role of software architecture and architecting in agile software development. I ended up writing an editorial based on the Kruchten and […]

Top Ten Ways to Kill a Paper – Part II

In a previous blog, I talked about five common mistakes authors make when trying to get an article accepted for publication in peer-reviewed software engineering journals, magazines, or proceedings. The full list includes ten common mistakes, as follows:
Number 10. Ignore reviewer feedback.
Number 9. Stick to clichés.
Number 8. Borrow without giving due credit.
Number 7. Don’t worry about […]

Cloud Computing

The February issue of Computing Now has a nice collection of articles on cloud computing. See
My IEEE Software column on the topic is also featured (Cloud Computing: Does Nirvana Hide Behind the Nebula?) …

Top 10 Ways to Kill a Paper Before It’s Born

Back in March, I gave a presentation to the IEEE Student Chapter at the Université du Québec à Montreal on publishing software engineering articles in peer-reviewed venues. In that presentation, I talked about the common sins prospective authors commit when trying to get a technical article accepted by a peer-reviewed publication. This post gives a synopsis of those sins.