My consulting practice operates under the name Kalemun Research Inc., but it has not been active since 2oo9 when I accepted a full-time academic position at Carnegie Mellon University. My consulting practice provided professional, research, training, and consulting services in software systems analysis, development and engineering, software engineering processes, and technical publishing. Specialties include:

  • Software process assessment and improvement
  • Software project management
  • Finance and economics for software engineers and software project managers
  • Quantitative decision-making in the context of software development, focusing on economics-based approaches and financial and cost modelling
  • Software architecture feasibility studies
  • Agile software development methods
  • Test-driven development
  • Software quality and measurement
  • Software project evaluation and business case analysis
  • Editorial, review, and coordination services for technical publications such as technical guides, books, manuals, and collections that focus on software development
  • Technical, professional, and scientific writing workshops

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About the logo

Well, yes, it’s a strange green gecko.“Ebu kalemun” (an Ottoman word) is a kind of fabric that changes appearance under different lighting conditions. “Bukalemun” is chameleon in Turkish. Hence… kalemun, something to do with change, or if you wish, adaptability, signified by the lizard that is not quite a chameleon, but pretty versatile nevertheless…