Internationally recognized in the software engineering community


Solid leadership track record with positive results in diverse contexts (international, academic, institutional, corporate, and within professional communities)


  • 16 years of post-graduate experience in conducting both basic and applied research, leading research projects, and developing research tools and prototypes
  • 4 years of experience managing a major publication (with an editorial board of 12 area editors, 10 columnists, 20 advisory board members, and 10 professional support and editorial staff members)
  • Extensive editorial experience involving editing technical books, special issues, and conference proceedings; designing and running multi-day workshops on technical and scientific writing
  • 4 years of experience in helping small and large organizations in their process improvement endeavours, providing training, and introducing them to emerging development approaches and state-of-the-art thinking


  • Extensive understanding of software development methods, processes, practices, and techniques
  • Applied expertise in software quality, measurement, and process improvement
  • Strong computer science and discrete mathematics background
  • Applied knowledge of engineering economics, corporate finance, and decision theory (including state-of-the-art techniques such as real-options valuation)
  • Applied knowledge of project management techniques based on earned value and agile approaches
  • Applied knowledge of statistical analysis and mathematical modelling
  • Applied knowledge of formal specification, verification, and validation techniques

Technical Strengths

Focus on finance- and economics-based techniques for decision making, test-driven development, agile software development, software quality, software measurement, empirical software engineering, software project management, and process improvement


  • Demonstrated ability to work and interact with diverse groups and individuals
  • Ability to design, customize and teach academic and corporate courses to meet diverse learning objectives and styles
  • Supervision and mentoring of young researchers and student interns
  • Advanced skills in organizing and managing meetings to produce results
  • Proven oral and written communication skills, with over 70 publication and 50 invited presentations, lectures, seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses
  • Ability to effectively mediate disputes and resolve conflicts