Fall 2011-Winter 2011. Software Metrics (CSPS 601-50). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,  Facultad de Informática, Madrid, Spain

Graduate course in the European Masters in Software Engineering (EMSE). Process measurement and evaluation, introducing new practices into an organization, use of software metrics in process improvement, economic indicator in software engineering and process improvement, empirically based decision-making in software engineering, other selected topics from SENG 609-50 and CSPS 601-50.

Winter 2007. Economic Analysis of Software Development Decisions (CSPS 601-50). University of Calgary, Department of Computer Science, Calgary, Canada

Graduate course. An adaptation of SENG 609-50.

Winter 2006. Software Engineering Economics (SENG 609-50). University of Calgary, Master’s Program in Software Engineering, Calgary, Canada

Graduate course. Quantitative techniques for software engineering decision support. Applied orientation. Discussion of Net Present Value, Real Options, Decision Tree Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Analytic Hierarchy Process, and Utility Theory demonstrated with applications to software process and project decisions.

Winter 1993.  Télématique. Département de mathématiques et d’informatique, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada.

Undergraduate course.  Taught in French. Covered computer communications and networks.

1992. Introductory Physics. Delta College, Montréal, Canada.

Adult education program course.